Boxwood Manor: Southern Chic + Modern Luxe

July 20, 2021
Exterior shot of boxwood Manor at sunset

When planning a wedding, the choice of venue might be more important than you would think. After all, a beautiful dress, cake, and ceremony has the potential to clash with a venue that isn’t up to snuff. Fortunately, Houston and its surrounding areas have many different wedding venues that can suit all kinds of weddings, from small and low-key weddings to large, extravagant ones to elaborately themed weddings. Boxwood Manor is among the best.

Of course, many brides-to-be are looking for a wedding venue that provides luxury and glamour. If that describes you, then a wedding in a manor with spacious grounds and an elegant chapel would certainly provide the luxury that you want. And fortunately, such a manor is available. Boxwood Manor in Tomball, just outside of Houston, is a gorgeous estate befitting an elegant, glamorous wedding. You and your guests certainly won’t forget your time at this venue.

A venue for a luxurious wedding

Boxwood Manor describes itself as “southern chic meets modern luxury,” and both the words “chic” and “luxury” certainly fit. The property is large and includes a spacious lawn and elegantly landscaped grounds, so even the outdoors will make you feel glamorous. The minimalist architecture and decor of the buildings is beautiful without being too baroque or aggressively extravagant; the classical white exteriors and luxury designed furniture create an incredibly classy space.

On top of the permanent furniture, the venue provides guest seating for events that matches the elegant simplicity of the rest of the manor. Boxwood provides acrylic “ghost” chairs that are both convenient and aesthetically pleasing, as well as classic white tables and tablecloths. The manor itself features eight chandeliers and windows that let in ample natural light for a space that feels open and airy. It’s very clear just how much thought went into the decor at this venue.

About Boxwood Manor

Boxwood Manor is quite a new venue, having been established in the fall of 2020 by owner Mike Hogan and his daughter, Jessica Crum. Since then, the team has added six new members, each with extensive education and experience in hospitality. Though the manor was established so recently, and in the midst of a turbulent time, it has been quite successful. Already, many couples have chosen Boxwood Manor as the venue for their wedding.

exterior of bride's cottage at Boxwood Manor

Boxwood Manor is actually four separate buildings on approximately 10 acres of land. There is a bridal cottage and a groom’s cottage. Both cottages match the design of the rest of the manor, and they have all the space and accommodations that the bridal party and groom’s party will need. In the bridal cottage, you will find five hair stations, a bathroom with a walk-in shower, a kitchen, and a luxury lounge. The groom’s cottage features a similar bathroom and kitchen, as well as an outdoor putting green, fishing area, and entertainment center.

The estate also has its own chapel for the wedding proper. The chapel features its own chandelier, as well as large windows to bring in natural light. It is clean and simple, with the same level of classical elegance as the rest of the estate.

Wedding ceremony in Boxwood Manor's Chapel

The manor itself maintains the beauty of the rest of the venue. It’s two stories and can accommodate up to 300 guests. On top of this, there is a hidden prep kitchen for caterers, and a private entrance for vendors. The lobby is large and spacious, and so is the dining area and the dance floor. The manor features two bars, as well: one in the main area, and one in the upstairs lounge. This upstairs lounge is just as beautiful as the rest of the manor, and has the same luxury furniture, decor, and large windows.

Boxwood Manor’s exterior is just as luxurious as its interior. The lawn is 7000 square feet, elegantly landscaped, and features patio furniture and lawn games. There is also a portable bar for outdoors events, and the lawn can easily accommodate additional lawn furniture and tents. Both the manor and the lawn are excellent spaces for a reception, or even an outdoor wedding!

Portrait locations

Boxwood Manor features many locations that would make gorgeous photos. The bridal and groom’s cottages are thoughtfully decorated so that you can have beautiful photos in these cozier prep locations. The chapel is also a beautiful setting, and features a balcony. The size of the manor means that there are many locations for portraits. Finally, the spacious grounds, all landscaped, means that if you want photos with beautiful greenery, outdoors portraits are easily available.

Boxwood Manor Amenities

Boxwood Manor Wedding Reception details
  • Bridal and Groom’s Cottages
  • Chapel
  • Outdoor Ceremony and Event Space
  • Caterer’s Kitchen
  • Porch
  • Two Bars
  • Tables and Acrylic Chairs
  • Bridal Portrait Session
  • On Site Parking
  • Event Coordination Team
  • Audio and Music
  • Wheelchair Accessible

The venue is also pet-friendly, and has WiFi. Liability insurance is available, and the venue will handle clean up, so the wedding party don’t have to worry post-event. The event coordination team means that you can have help planning your wedding beforehand, too, and can get help making sure every part of the wedding is perfect.

Boxwood Manor Wedding Pricing

Because Boxwood Manor is all-inclusive, and allows guests to customize their experience at the manor, pricing is individualized and can vary. However, for the peak season, reception pricing starts at $10,000, and starts at $8,000 during the off season. For just a wedding ceremony, the pricing starts at $1000, regardless of season. Bar cost per guest starts at $32.

Getting married is a very special occasion. It’s an occasion that you’re certainly going to want photos of, and on top of a great venue, you’ll want a professional wedding photographer who can bring experience to create beautiful, evocative photos. We will help you get the gorgeous wedding photographs you deserve and have a good time doing it. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help capture your wedding for posterity.

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