Houston Wedding Venues

December 10, 2020

The first step of wedding planning is choosing a wedding venue. There are hundreds of wedding venues in Houston with varying styles and price points, so choosing one can be a big task.

We’ve photographed weddings all over the greater Houston area and compiled this list of what are, in our opinion, the best Houston wedding venues to help you in your search for the perfect place to get married.

Our Top Houston Wedding Venues

We’ve complied a massive list of wedding venues in Houston at the bottom of this page, but we wanted to highlight what we considered to be the essential venues to tour. These are our favorite venues to photograph and each one is great.

The Gallery-Houston

The Gallery is one of our absolute favorite wedding venues in Houston. Honestly, if we were to get married again this is the venue we’d choose.

Our favorite feature is the low mission style clay roof in the front. The way the sun peaks over creates the most beautiful warm and dreamy light for portraits. The ivy wall is also a fantastic place for photos.

The Gallery has a great secluded patio for private ceremonies in the heart of Houston. And the warmth of the recessed lighting and wood floors of its indoor ceremony spaces makes receptions feel intimate and elegant all at once.

Great for: couples looking for a wedding venue with character.

For more information on getting married at The Gallery and to see some weddings we’ve photographed there, check out our page dedicated to The Gallery-Houston weddings.

Iron Manor

Iron Manor was originally built for the Pure Oil Company in a different location. In 2015 each of its steel beams, made by Carnegie Steel in 1903, were moved to the current location and renovated to make one of the most unique venues we’ve ever seen.

Iron Manor’s exposed brick and steel creates a modern industrial feel, while its sprawling gardens and imposing estate style architecture make it feel like a castle. Really the only way to describe it as as a modern industrial castle.

Great for: couples who want a modern and interesting venue, but still want it to feel like a fairy tale.

Click here to see a our page dedicated to Iron Manor

The Parador

Built in 1928, the Parador is designated a Texas Historical Landmark. Much like Rice University, The 1920s style architecture and fixtures create a sense of sophistication.

The Parador is actually two large adjoining spaces, the Duomo and the Cloister, each with their own garden. We love the large domed ceiling of the Duomo for receptions and the manicured garden that comes with it for portraits or outdoor ceremonies.

Great for: elegant, garden weddings. This place will make your guests feel like they are somewhere really special.

Click here to see a wedding we photographed at the Parador

Rice University

bride and groom standing in the window of the Cohen House at Rice University

Rice University is a private research university founded in 1912 and is a one of the most beautiful places in Houston. Rice is one of the great wedding venues in Houston because it is so closely connected to the city. Lovett Hall, Rice’s defining building, is actually built with bricks made from clay out of Buffalo Bayou. 

The Rice Memorial Chapel is a great ceremony space with a gold mosaic backdrop, tall ceilings to accommodate a classical baroque organ, and stained glass windows. The Faculty Club at the Cohen House was built in 1927 as a faculty club and just radiates early 20th century sophistication with its brick walls, elevated ceilings, and traditional revival style furniture.  

The traditional scholastic architecture and the huge amount of gardens and trees around Rice University give us so many opportunities to take great pictures.

Great for: the academic couple who would like a classy affair, and those who want a variety in their wedding photos without having to drive on their wedding day.

We’ve put together more information about weddings at Rice University here.

The Farmhouse

Located in Montgomery, TX, The Farmhouse is a modern take on traditional farmhouse style. Its large reception space and chapel give your guests plenty of room to celebrate, but its traditional style still makes everything feel intimate and cozy.

The Farmhouse is on 45 acres of land in Montgomery, right outside of Houston. The tall grass, the private lake, the line of trees, and the simple and classic architecture all provide great places for photographs.

Great for: a large wedding that need lots of room to spread out. Ideal for families and a younger crowd, as the outdoor space has games and room to roam.

Get more information about what a wedding at the Farmhouse could look like.

Jennings Trace

Also in Montogmery, Jennings Trace is a beautiful venue because of its very modern architecture. The exposed steal beams and ducts, concrete floors, and massive windows makes it unlike venues that flaunt a rustic farmhouse or barn style.

We absolutely love the way the window light of both the bridal suite and the chapel give weddings at Jennings Trace a beautiful warm glow without being overwhelmingly bright. And the oaks and pine trees that surround it let you get photos in nature in addition to the sleek modern photos the venue will give you.

Great for: getting a modern, clean look to your wedding photos, without missing out on a bit of nature for your photos.

Be sure to look at this wedding to see more of Jennings Trace

Corey and Chelsea’s Timeless Wedding at Jennings Trace

Butler’s Courtyard

Butler's Courtyard Grand Hall

Butler’s Courtyard was built in League City, TX in 1909 as a bank but has been a wedding venue since 2002. The turn of the century brick building, as well as the courtyard, take up an entire city block and are full of rustic small town charm.

The courtyard, an outdoor ceremony space, as well as the barn next to it are relaxed and charming. There’s also a brick patio reception space under a white tent that gives an intimate and private feeling to your wedding. But the original bank building, with its brick walls and exposed wooden and metal features, has an industrial feeling.

Like so many of our favorite venues in Houston, we love Butler’s Courtyard because of the variety of photos we can create. We can make dramatic and glamorous photos in the grand hall and then take 10 steps outside to create bright, carefree, fun images.

Great for: Cozy and elegant weddings. All wedding themes would work here.

To learn more about Butler’s Courtyard Weddings, read our dedicated page

Madera Estates

first dance as husband and wife at madera estates reception

Madera Estates in Conroe, just north of The Woodlands. One of our grooms told us they chose Madera Estates because they wanted their guests to “feel like kings and queens” and it is the wedding venue for that. Inspired by the architecture of San Miguel de Allende, Madera Estates really makes you feel like you’re in a fairy tale world.

The grand fireplace of the ceremony site and the hacienda for a reception are just perfect locations to have a massive party. And that is what Madera Estates is known for. Fireworks, live bands, fire breathers, street performers. Madera Estates seems to be the Houston wedding venue for couples who want to do something really unique.

Great for: a no-holds-barred wedding night experience. Expect to throw your guests the party of the year.

Check out this wedding to see just how wild and fun a wedding at Madera Estates can be

Modern + Romantic: This Madera Estates Wedding Is Perfect

The Carriage House

Another Conroe venue, The Carriage House is quintessential southern charm. The traditional style chapel with its unique red doors is a classic and elegant ceremony space, while the massive chandelier lit barn is a perfect place to let loose in a reception.

If you’re looking for something a little rustic, but not full on country, the Carriage House is a perfect choice for you. 

Great for: if you want a classy and rustic wedding.

Wedding Venues in Galveston

Galveston isn’t Houston, as anyone from the island will tell you, but if you’re getting married in the “Houston area” these Galveston wedding venues are definitely worth considering.

Hotel Galvez

couple in front of Galveston wedding venue Hotel Galvez
Up to 300 guests 2024 Seawall Blvd.(Directions)Website

Hotel Galvez, called “The Queen of the Gulf,” is the only historic beach front hotel on Texas’ Gulf Coast. Built in 1911 to help revitalize Galveston’s economy after the 1900 storm, the Galvez has become a Galveston icon. 

The Spanish colonial style and century old architecture is the perfect location for both an old European or a modern art deco inspired wedding. Hotel Galvez is on the seawall, which means you can easily have your wedding photos take on the beach just by crossing the street. We love the luxurious hotel and the easy going nature of the beach.

Hotel Galvez has guest accommodations, ceremony spaces, and reception spaces. This makes it a perfect location for weddings with a lot out of town guests.

To learn more about Hotel Galvez and see weddings we’ve photographed there CLICK HERE.

Garten Verein

groom dips bride in front of their Galveston wedding venue, Garten Verein
Up to 250 Guests2704 Ave O (Directions)Website

Garten Verein (German for “garden club) is another of our favorite historical Galveston wedding venue. Founded in 1876 by German businessman, the club once had bowling alleys, tennis courts, gardens, and a dancing pavillion. The dancing pavilion was the only structure to survive the 1900 Storm.

We love photographing weddings at Garten Verein because of it’s unique architecture, location in a beautiful park, and its large tiered dance hall with panoramic windows that make receptions amazing.

Garten Verein can accommodate both indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions. However, it lacks any sort of accommodations like a bridal suite, so you will need to get ready in a nearby hotel, home, or rental.

To see a wedding we photographed at Garten Verein CLICK HERE.

San Luis Resort

Up to 500 guests5222 Seawall Blvd (Directions)Website

Before 1873, Galveston was called San Luis, thus the San Luis Resort. Although the San Luis Resort is modern, having been built in the 1980s, it still has historic importance. The resort is built on the site of Fort Crockett, specifically on the bunkers created to protect the forts artillery from German submarines during World War II. Because of this, the San Luis Resort is one of the highest spots on Galveston Island and offers great views of the Gulf of Mexico.

There’s plenty of places to take beautiful photos.  While the architecture maybe isn’t as grand as the Galvez, the grounds of the resort are beautiful and there’s always the beach right across the street.

Like the Galvez, the San Luis has guest accommodations, spaces for ceremonies, as well as for receptions, which makes it great for out of town guests. The San Luis can host weddings with up to 500 guests, making your best bet for really large weddings.

To see a wedding we photographed at The San Luis Resort CLICK HERE.

The Trolley Station

Up to 300 guests2021 Strand (Directions)Website

The Trolley Station is another historic wedding venue in Galveston. Built in 1894 as the J.D. Rogers building, the Trolley Station offers all the charm of Galveston’s Historic Strand District.

The Trolley Station’s wall of windows, high ceilings, and simple almost industrial, aesthetic make it one of our favorite wedding venues in Galveston to photograph. The large stage makes it a perfect venue for a reception with a live band.

The Trolley Station has a dressing room and is available for wedding ceremonies. But it is very common to use The Trolley Station for your reception and to get ready at the nearby Tremont House and have your ceremony at a local church.

The Beach

Small Events OnlyWebsite

Perhaps you’re looking to have a smaller more intimate wedding. If so, you can get married on the beach and don’t even need a permit. If you’re looking for something intimate, we suggest an early morning elopement on the beach. Just the two of you an and officiant. Early in the morning the sun will be rising over the water and the beach will be less crowded.

If you want to have a loud speaker or restrict access to area to set up chairs, you’ll need a permit and to use one of the city’s designated areas at Stewart Beach, East Beach, or Sea Wolf Park. To arrange this you’ll need to contact the Galveston Park Board by calling 409-797-5172. You could also let our favorite Galveston wedding planner, Precious Nuptials, handle the whole thing for you.

The beach obviously won’t have amenities like bridal suites, restrooms, or even designated parking. So it’s best to keep these weddings very small and to celebrate after with a private reception.

138 Houston Wedding Venues

  • 15 acres
  • 1940 Air Terminal Museum
  • 5226 Elm St
  • Agave Estates
  • Ambrosia Crossing
  • Ashelynn Manor
  • Ashton Gardens – Houston North
  • Ashton Gardens – Houston West
  • Asia Society Texas Center
  • Balmorhea
  • Battleground Golf Course
  • Bayou Bend Garden
  • Bellagio Balroom at Crowne Plaza
  • Belltower on 34th
  • Big Sky Barn
  • Bougainvilleas Event Center
  • Brenner’s
  • Briscoe Manor
  • Butler’s Courtyard
  • Centurion Palace
  • Chateau Cocomar
  • Chateau Crystale
  • Chateau Polonez
  • Cindy’s Palace
  • Citadel on Kirby
  • Club at Carlton Woods
  • Corinthian Houston
  • Cotton Gin No. 116
  • Crystal Ballroom 
  • Di Amici Upscale Events
  • Dukessa
  • Ella’s Garden
  • Enchanted Cypress
  • Gardens at Madely Manor
  • Haak Winery 
  • Heather’s Glen
  • Heights Theatre
  • Heights Villa
  • Hermann Park
  • Hotel Galvez & Spa
  • Hotel Granduca
  • Hotel Icon
  • Hotel Sorella
  • Hotel Zaza
  • House Estate
  • House of Blues Houston
  • Houston Arboretum and Nature Center
  • Houston Country Club
  • Houston Museum of Natural Science
  • Hughes Manor
  • Jennings Trace
  • Julia Ideson Library
  • La Colombre D’or
  • La Fontaine
  • La Tranquila Ranch
  • Lakeside Country Club
  • Lindsay Lakes
  • Madera Estates
  • Magnolia Bells
  • Magnolia Hotel
  • Majestic Metro
  • McGovern Centiennial Gardens
  • Mia Bella Vitas
  • Moffitt Oaks for Rustic
  • Morgan Falls
  • Museum of Natural Science
  • NOAH
  • Northgate Country Club
  • Nouveau Art Bar
  • Oak Tree Manor
  • Olde Dobbin Station
  • Omni Hotel
  • Peach Creek Ranch
  • Pine Forest Country Club
  • Pine Lake Ranch
  • Plantation Elegance
  • Rainbow Lodge
  • Raveneaux Country Club
  • Red Oak Ballroom
  • Richard & Meg Weekley Community Center
  • River Oaks Country Club
  • River Oaks Garden Club
  • Rockefeller Hall
  • Ronin Art House
  • Rosemary’s Garden
  • Royal Oaks Country Club
  • Royal Sonesta Hotel
  • Safari Texas Ranch
  • Sam Houston Hotel
  • San Souci
  • Sandalwood Manor 
  • Schneider Hall
  • Seventh Heaven  B &B
  • Shirley Acres
  • St. Arnolds Brewery
  • Star Fleet Yachts
  • Station 3
  • Sugar Creek Country Club
  • Sweetwater Country Club
  • The Admiral on Clear Lake
  • The Annex
  • The Astorian
  • The Ballroom at Bayou Place
  • The Conservatory 
  • The Corinthian
  • The Dunlavy
  • The Estates at Pecan Park
  • The Four Seasons
  • The Gallery
  • The Grand Texana
  • The Green Branch
  • The Grove
  • The Houston Club
  • The Houstonian
  • The Julia Ideson Library
  • The Meekermark
  • The Museum of Natural Science
  • The Oaks at Oak Plantation
  • The Orchard on Caney Creek
  • The Parador
  • The Petroleum Club
  • The Silo
  • The Springs
  • The Venue at Porch Cafe
  • The Westin
  • The Wynden
  • Tremont House
  • Tuscan Courtyard
  • Tuscany Villa
  • Venue 311
  • Villagio
  • Water’s Edge
  • Waterway Marriott
  • Westin Houston Memorial City
  • Westin Oaks
  • White Oaks
  • Willow Fort Country Club
  • Woodlands Resort

Beautiful Houston Churches to Get Marred In

Here’s a list of the most beautiful churches in Houston. Keep in mind that some of these may have membership/faith requirements for you to use them. For instance, you must be Catholic to get married in a Catholic church.

  • Chapel in the Woods
  • St Vincent De Paul
  • All Saints Catholic Church
  • St John Vianney Catholic Church
  • St Paul’s United Methodist Church
  • St. Andrew’s Presbyterian church
  • South Main Baptist Church
  • Christ Church Cathedral
  • First United Methodist
  • St. Anne’s
  • Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
  • St Basil the Great
  • Chapel of St. Basil at The University of St. Thomas

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