Natural and Relaxed Urban Engagement Portraits

July 19, 2016

We don’t normally have favorite couples. But since this is Wil’s younger brother and future sister-in-law, we think it’s fine to make an exception. We’re so happy for them to get married and were thrilled to explore Houston with them to create these urban engagement portraits.

Weddings and engagements are always special to us. We love stepping into a couple’s life at such a remarkable time in their lives. But with Seth and Sandra we didn’t just step in, we’ve known them for a long time.

We’ve seen Seth’s heartbreaks and his romances. We’ve seen him make bad decisions and we’ve seen him set aside his selfishness to do what’s best for others. We’ve seen him worry about his future and we’ve seen him triumph. In short, we’ve seen him be a complete and full person.

Wil has four brothers. We know that each of them is a complex person with a long history that led them to where they are.  Our goal in every session is to photograph the couple as if they are our family. To remember that they are complex individuals, not just models for us to move around.

Of course, Sandra is a complex individual too. She has her own ideas and dreams about life. She’s stepping into a new family. She’s funny and opinionated (things that will serve her well as a Ramsey). How does this excitement and nervousness and hope and worry all play itself out for a bride? We see it up close in Sandra and it reminds us that ALL of our couples have these experiences.

We’re thankful for Seth and Sandra and can’t wait for their wedding.

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