Fun Theater District Engagement Pictures | Adam and Angela

March 22, 2018

Adam and Angela are both musicians and music teachers. They love movies, music, and art. So it was a no-brainer to take some theater district engagement pictures.

Adam and Angela’s initial email to us about their wedding ended with “PS: We’d love to talk about the ending of LOST with you.” And right then I knew we were going to click. When we met with them at Toot Suite we talked about Daniel Day-Lewis and Wes Anderson. We laughed (and agreed) with Adam about Adam over his disdain for chair covers. Basically, we became best friends.

For their engagement session, they wanted natural and fun portraits of themselves, as well as wide symmetrical photos. I met them in the theater district on St. Patrick’s day to hang out, watch people get arrested, and have a blast while taking their portraits. Sometimes I’d forget that I needed to take their picture because they’re just so enjoyable to talk to.

If you’re getting married and want your won theater district engagement pictures, contact us. (And make sure to mention LOST.)

Angela and Adam’s first date was to the symphony at Jones Hall. While talking about that we discovered we had both been to the same Sufjan Stevens concert at Jones Hall on his Carrie and Lowell tour. I’m constantly in awe of the idea that we pass by people over and over again before meeting them and have no idea how many times our paths might have crossed. 
Before the sun set we drove the few miles to the Graffiti Park, which ended up being a bit of task since St. Patrick’s day meant some streets were closed. 

Angela and Adam told me they were awkward in front of the camera (not true) but that they were pros at walking and laughing. They are.

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