Hi, We're wil and Paige Ramsey

Eleven years ago we were right where you are. We were overwhelmed planning a wedding while also trying to keep up with our lives. There were so many choices to make and all we really knew was that we just wanted to get married.  The stress of everything around us, from centerpieces and guest lists to family and jobs, started to slowly creep in and steal the joy of our wedding.

We get it. The process of getting married can ruin the experience of getting married.

But we’ll work with you to focus on what matters most to you and make the process of taking photos a celebration itself. So you can focus on being present during your wedding and still have the beautiful photos you want.

This focus on celebration and presence is why Junebug Weddings includes us among the best wedding photographers in Houston and why we were voted The Knot’s best of weddings for Houston Wedding Photographers.

Quick Facts

Houston Astros

Our favorite team:

Gringos, Pappasitos, Lupe Tortilla, Ninfas (there's a pattern here)

Our favorite restaurant:

Black as midnight on a moonless night

How we like our coffee:

Our home, with our kids, some music, and some coffee

Our favorite place:

They remind us to love one another to the fullest

Why we love weddings:


We take on a limited number of weddings each year because our couples deserve our full attention. This means it's important to us that we are a good fit. We'd love to get to know you and make sure we're right for you.


Paige sees Wil in the parking lot of their High School and thinks, "I'm going to marry that boy." We had never met



Wil is diagnosed with cancer, Paige's parents divorce, and we realize, because of the joy we brought one another in the midst of so much suffering, that we are in love


Wil asks Paige to marry him while we are in Seville, Spain. She's convinced he is going to give her candy and has no idea he is even proposing.

We take our first ever engagement photo. Its of us.


Paige is proven right when we get married.


We have our first son, Soren.


We move to Kansas for Wil to be a youth pastor.

It is cold in Kansas.


Paige photographs her first wedding. The couple ends up being our closes friends in Kansas.


We have another son, Julian.


We move back to Texas and begin photographing weddings fulling time.