Swampy Engagement Pictures | Travis & Meredith

June 21, 2017

Meredith and Travis are both down-to-earth and have a great sense of humor. They’re easy to be around and even easier to photograph. In true cajun fashion, theirĀ idea of a perfect date night is eating oysters and drinking beer at Tommy’s. They love to travel together and enjoyed a magical trip last year to Costa Rica. Since they met and lived in Louisiana for a while, they wanted an engagement session with a backdrop that reflected the environment down by the Bayou. The exact words they used were “swampy engagement pictures While Friendswood, TX is not as “swampy” as Cajun country, we were able to find some beautifully unkept fields and woodsy areas. The dark greens and high grass at our favorite local park, 1776, made a good substitute for “swampy engagement pictures.”

I’m pretty sure if I were to dig through my childhood photos, I’d find a picture of Meredith in the mix. She and I had elementary classes together, attended birthday parties together, and crossed paths frequently in the hallway in high school. In college we went our separate ways: Wil and I were in Lubbock and Mere ended up in Louisiana. It was not until this past year that Meredith reached out to us to see if we could photograph her and Travis’ wedding day. Most of our friends and acquaintances from high school spread out all over the country after graduation, so it’s an honor when we have the opportunity to photograph for someone we know.

Meredith told us she was instantly attracted to Travis’ ability to make her laugh, and that was obvious because during their session there was nothing but giggles. We instantly felt like we had known Travis just as long as we’ve known Meredith because he’s just likable.

We’re so excited to be shooting their wedding this fall at the beautiful Butler’s Courtyard! Congratulations, Meredith & Travis!

using 1776 park as a substitute for swampy engagement pictures

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