Six Reasons You Should Take Engagement Photos

February 10, 2016

We’ve all seen them . . .

Your Facebook feed is probably riddled with them. You might have one on your fridge right now. You’ve definitely seen engagement photos.

But you still may not know why people take them (besides that it’s expected).

While some people choose to skip out on them, we’re firm believers that engagement portraits are one of the keys to great wedding photography.

We believe that multiple reasons, including:

  • we get to know each other
  • they can be personal
  • they make wedding schedules easier

. . .  just to name a few.

Let’s begin with . . .

It is a chance for us to get to know each other

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A key part of our non-traditional style is unposed portraits. A genuine laugh is better than a forced smile and the better we know each other and more comfortable we are with each other the more you’ll laugh.

Without fail, when we have an engagement session with a couple someone at their wedding assumes we’re old friends. We’ll swap stories, talk about favorite movies, and develop a few inside jokes. On your wedding day we’ll know each other and pictures of you will seem more like a genuine connection than a forced interaction.

But another part of that laughter is . . .

You get practice in front of the camera


Being in front of the camera can be hard. No one ever knows what to do with their hands, or how high to hold their chins, or which way to look. We’ll help you figure all of that out so that you’ll look amazing in your pictures.

Engagement sessions are low key, low pressure, and have an open schedule so you can get used to having your picture taken. If you’ve had an engagement session, when it comes time for your portrait on your wedding day you’ll already know what to do. That practice will help you feel and look better on your wedding day AND speed things up, saving valuable wedding day time.

Speaking of valuable time . . .

They make wedding day scheduling easier


Weddings often have a lot of conflicting priorities.

You don’t want to see each other before the ceremony.
You want to have a night time wedding.
You want that beautiful golden hue of pictures taken at sunset.

All of these things can’t happen. But if you have an engagement session you can get your golden images then and focus on more important things than lighting on your wedding day.

But their not all about the wedding . . .

You can make them personal


Unless you’re getting married at a family farm or your childhood church, chances are your wedding venue isn’t special to you. And, while your dress may beautiful or your tux a perfect fit, it won’t look like you on a daily basis.

With an engagement session we can go anywhere in the world with you. Have a favorite coffee shop? Let’s do it there. Love to go to museums together? Perfect location for your session. Did you meet in College Station? We’ll meet you there.

These are pictures of a very specific time in your life. The more personal you make them, the more meaningful they’ll be.

And because they’re meaningful . . .

They’re perfect for Save the Dates


If your family and friends are spread out across the country (or world), it’s proper etiquette to give them a warning 6-8 months before the wedding with a save the date card. This is especially important if you’re having a destination wedding or getting married during a busy travel season.

Your engagement photos make great save the dates. Instead of sending a plain card, you can send a personalized save the date that people want to receive.

And the best reason of all . . .

They’re free

Because we think engagement pictures are so great, we’re including a complimentary engagement session in every wedding package.

We want you to have all the time saving, confidence boosting, stress reducing, personalization that engagement photos have to offer. Contact us now to check our availability for your wedding date and to schedule your engagement session.

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