Peter and Carolyn’s Backyard Wedding

January 14, 2022

I looked at so many venues online trying to book tours the first week of our engagement. SO many venues. It was overwhelming and I felt like my head was constantly spinning. My phone was always on the brink of death from texts and calls of congratulations and looking at/contacting venues. It was chaos. Plus, Peter was out of town for a work trip. When talking with friends, family, and colleges at work, I had a long talk with Peter while driving home in Houston traffic about what we want and what would feel right. It actually took me way longer than normal to get home that day but we talked the whole way and had a great conversation. By the end of my unusually long commute, we had made a decision. We decided an outdoor ceremony in a park and a reception at my mom and step dad’s beautiful house felt just right for us. In fact, my brother and SIL had a wonderful wedding celebration there and it was one of the most joyful nights of my life. It felt right to do something true to us. Traditional wedding venues are amazing but it felt right to do something meaningful to us.

I am really looking forward to our first dance together and then dancing the night away with my new husband and our best friends!

Well, since we are not getting married at a venue, the entire day is personalized! We are having a loaded mac n cheese food truck, a fire pit with a smore’s bar, and corn hole outside. Inside, there will be places to sit and talk but also a cake table with cupcakes for everyone else but a chai cake for us because we truly fell in love over chai lattes. (In the first year of our relationship, I had a remote job and Peter was in grad school. We had many coffee shop dates all across Houston where we compared every chai latte, hot and cold.) 

Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you’d like to share with other couples planning their day?

A lot of people in your life have a LOT of opinions on what you should and should not do on your wedding day or for the events leading up to the wedding. And unfortunately, weddings tend to bring lots of drama. Do your best to not let the nay sayers get you down. Do what is best for you and your person. You can’t stop people from disagreeing with you so graciously stand up for yourself, do what is best for you, and do what you can to soak up as much joy from this season of life as you can. Planning a wedding and the events leading up to the wedding is hectic. There is a lot to keep track of. You need to have people who you trust and will always have your back/best interest in mind helping you. You also need to know who will give you a pep talk at a moment’s notice because the stress can really wear on you but you are getting married!!! You are saying yes to forever with the love of your life and your favorite person!!! Don’t let the inevitable stress and drama take away from that. And definitely be sure to take care of yourself! In the end, it will all work out. It is not worth sacrificing your health or well being for!

enjoy every moment of your wedding KNOWING THAT EVERYTHING IS TAKEN CARE OF

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