Joyful Engagement Pictures at Eleanor Tinsley Park

June 26, 2018

Evelin says her favorite thing about Jacob is how much he makes her laugh. Their favorite things to do together are hang out with their dogs at their favorite bar and be outside. They love the Houston skyline. So I met them at Little Woodrow’s for a beer. Then we went to create these joyful engagement pictures at Eleanor Tinsley Park. Nothing says “Houston engagement photos” quite like that skyline.

Little Woodrow’s was loud, but we found a nice private booth in the back where we could relax. I’m a firm believer that you should do things your way, not how they’re supposed to be done so pictures of the two them relaxing at the bar are perfect.

engaged couple drinking beer engaged couple at little woodrows engaged couple at favorite bar couple taking a shot of patron

They also wanted some pictures outdoors and with the Houston skyline. So we went to Eleanor Tinsley where there’s a beautiful view of the city as well as paths lined with trees.

Maybe it was the being away from the crowd, or maybe it was the shot of patron, but Jacob and Evelin were so relaxed and joyful at the park. You can see how much they love being together by Evelin’s full body laugh and the way Jacob looks at her.

sunny engagement picture joyful engagement pictures at Eleanor Tinsley park

It was important to them that we get some photographs with their dogs, Levi and Mika. If you bring your dog’s to a session, do what Jacob and Evelin did and make sure their leashes and collars look good. Also, make sure you bring someone to watch your dog when they’re not being photographed so that you can relax.

engaged couple with their dogs couple laughing with their dogs engagement pictures with dogs

As the sun began to set and Jacob and Evelin changed into less casual clothes, we took more intimate photos. But even then their laughter was contagious.

Our session ended with sweet and tender moments interrupted by bursts of hysterical laughter. That sounds like a perfect relationship to me.

engaged couple being intimate couple laughing at eleanor tinselly park joyful couple beautiful golden hour engagement picture engaged couple laughing intimate and laughing engaged couple

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