Indian Bridal Portraits | Jessica

June 23, 2017

What I loved most about Jessica’s bridal portraits was her lehenga, the traditional Indian wedding dress made up of a skirt, a blouse, and a scarf. She said the lehenga was actually heavier than her wedding dress, but it’s more comfortable. I loved almost all the wedding veils I saw there, in my time being there. Red is the traditional wedding color in India, a color of passion and prosperity, in connection with the rising sun. Jessica and Ryan wanted a Christian ceremony, so it was important to her that she wore something that incorporated more white than red. She looked absolutely stunning. Jessica also wore a traditional white gown. She looked equally beautiful in both.

This is one of our favorite things about weddings and everything that goes into planning them. Bridal portraits are a ¬†uniquely southern thing. Lehenga’s are Indian clothing. Weddings are such a beautiful blending of traditions, beliefs, relationships, cultures, and love into a unique event all their own. Jessica’s Indian bridal portraits are just one example of the way different cultures blend into one beautiful occasion.

Jessica had seen both Camille and Kaylee’s bridals at Rice and asked “Would you mind shooting there again?” Of course the answer was “We wouldn’t mind at all” Because we love¬†everything about photographing bridal portraits at Rice.

We took these portraits at the beginning of May, when the Houston summer heat has not yet set in and you can actually get a comfortable breeze every once in a while. School had not yet released for the summer, but it must have been close to finals week because there was not much activity on campus. We took our time wandering through the covered archways and tunnel of trees, stopping by fountains, and posing by palm trees.

We are so excited to finally be able to share Jessica’s beautiful Indian bridal portraits from Rice University!

Indian Bridal portrats at Rice University in Houston, TX Bridal portraits in lehenga

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These are so beautiful! Jessica looks radiant!