Galveston Engagement Pictures | Brian & Alena

October 5, 2017

Sometimes clients tell us simple things that let us know we’re gonna love working with them. For example, when talking about where to have their engagement session, Brian & Alena said they spend lots of time in Galveston and the Heights. We always love to do new things, and since we haven’t taken many Galveston engagement pictures,  I suggested that.

“But not the Strand, because it’s nothing but porches.”  They weren’t interested in the standard cheesy Galveston engagement pictures . They wanted something a little more personal and real.

And, just like that, I knew these two were gonna be a blast.

And I was right.

Brian and Alena are INTO each other. They have been from the very beginning. While at church, when they were still practically acquaintances, the congregation was invited to greet the people sitting by them.

Brian looked around for Alena.

Alena looked around for Brian.

When they made eye contact, “the spirit must have moved” (as Alena put it), because she winked before she even knew what she was doing.

couple cuddling and laughing during engagement session

Because of their open affection for one another, they were an absolute joy to photograph. I’d show Brian and Alena where to stand, walk over to where I was going to shoot from, and when I’d turn around they were already giggling together, kissing each other on the cheek, or just grinning from ear to ear just because they were together.

A happy couple in front of a mural makes for great Galveston engagement pictures happy couple engagement ring detail shot

We met at Mod Coffee (highly recommend, by the way) walked around Galveston together, stopping in front of murals, going down alleyways, finding great light and laughing together.

a couple laughing for their fun Galveston engagement pictures a couple with beautiful light in Galveston couple touching foreheads engaged couple about to kiss

Brian took us to the top of a parking garage for a great view of Galveston. “I was in a running club and we used to run up the garage like it was hills. I remember thinking it would be beautiful if I didn’t feel like I was going to throw up the whole time.”

couple walking on top of a parking garage in Galveston a couple underneath the pleasure pier during their intimate Galveston engagement pictures

After such a great engagement session in Galveston, we absolutely can not wait for Brian and Alena’s wedding in January.

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