Engagement Pictures at the Houston Arboretum

December 12, 2017

When we first met Ricky and Mallory two things struck us about them. 1) They’re cooler than we will ever be and 2) They’re authentic and honest. So it came as no surprise that their engagement pictures at the Houston Arboretum turned out so beautifully.

The Houston Arboretum and Nature Center is a beautiful place. It’s like fairy tale right in the middle of Houston. You’re lost in the woods, but if you listen you can still hear the cars driving on the highway (just look at how close it is to 610 and I-10). It’s such an enjoyable place that Paige and our sons came along to wander the trails while I took Ricky and Mallory’s engagement photos.

It might be December, but it’s December in Houston. The weather was cool, but not cold, the winter sun hung at the horizon just long enough to give us that warm golden light I love so much, and the trees still had plenty of green leaves on them.

But none of that is what made this session so beautiful. Ricky and Mallory are what made it so beautiful.

Ricky and Mallory are a gorgeous couple. And they have great style. And Ricky has a barber that will cut his hair at midnight the night before to give him the cleanest possible part.

But that’s not what I’m talking about.

Ricky and Mallory are so authentic. They talk to you like they’ve known you for years. They don’t hold anything back or hide who they are or what they believe.

They unreservedly talk about their mutual faith. Ricky isn’t ashamed to talk about how much Mallory means to him. They don’t feel the need to do things because it’s how “they’re supposed to be done.”

And so, when I ask Ricky to whisper in Mallory’s ear a time he was proud of her, he does it without hesitation. When I ask Mallory to tell Ricky his most annoying habit, he laughs without embarrassment saying “I KNEW that’s what you were going to say.” And when I ask them to take a few minutes to pray for their marriage, they do it cheerfully and reverently.

Engagement pictures at The Houston Arboretum will always be beautiful, but these photos are beautiful because they capture just a tiny bit of the authenticity and love of two amazing people.

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