Nathan and Camille’s Engagement Photos in a Bookstore

November 6, 2016

Engagement photos in a bookstore are pretty much our favorite thing in our favorite place.

When we met Nathan and Camille at Catalina Coffee we instantly connected. We suggested they do their engagement photos in a place that was meaningful to them as a couple. But they hadn’t been in Houston very long, so they asked for suggestions.

When I told them, “I always love engagement photos in a bookstore” they both immediately agreed to it.

Nathan and Camille actually met at a book store in Canada for TED talk viewing party. Basically, a group of people watch two TED talks and then discuss them. They had both been before, but they obviously remember this one best. The two talks were both about choice. One about how choices paralyze us and one about how choices are what make us who we are. 

They met at the end of the conversation and began dating by the next viewing party. They told us they went to the next one, but it wasn’t as fun because they didn’t care what anybody else was saying anymore. They only wanted to talk to each other.

So that’s now our favorite “how we met story” we’ve ever heard.

If you’re interested in engagement photos in a bookstore there’s only one place in Houston as far as we’re concerned and that’s Kaboom Books. The owners are so welcoming and kind. They always come up and talk to us, say congratulations to the couple, and point out cool spots.

We also love it because Paige always picks up a couple of Roald Dahl books for our boys while she’s there.

engagement photos in a bookstore

engagement photos in a bookstoreengagement photos at a book storea couple by kaboom books

Kaboom books also has an incredible back porch. Perfect for sitting and reading (the previously mentioned Roald Dahl) or for taking engagement photos.a couple on the porch of Kaboom Books in Houston, TXa couple on the porch at kaboom books

We love the location too. Right outside are these beautiful ivy colored walls and a neighborhood street just lined with trees. We can do your engagement photos in a bookstore, but step outside and get a completely different look without having to drive all over town. We’re all about variety and efficiency over here.
couple laughing outside of a bookstore engagement portraits at a bookstoregolden hour engagement portraits a couple standing under a row of trees

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