Eleanor Tinsley Park Engagement Photos | Miguel & Leslie

December 5, 2017

Miguel and Leslie requested Eleanor Tinsley Park engagement photos, and I was super excited to photograph downtown. This time of year can be tough because the sun goes down so quickly, but the evening sun held out for us and the weather was absolutely perfect. I’ll take Houston winters over anywhere else always.

Didn’t tell Leslie this at our session, but we basically have the same style. And hair. And I want her glasses (this is Paige, not Wil, by the way).

Leslie is going to think I’m silly, but it was the cutest thing ever that she wanted to be spun in her engagement photos. I loved that Miguel was more than willing to oblige her each time. You know you have a good one when they are willing to take as many pictures as you want and do whatever it takes to make you smile. That was Miguel all session long. It made the session so easy and fun that they were so willing to do whatever to make natural, candid engagement portraits!

This is my favorite picture of the two of them. They’re just adorable.

After twirling around Eleanor Tinsley Park for engagement photos, we beep-bopped over to the new Sugar & Cloth Color Wall for some fun “EXTRA ZANY” pictures of the two lovebirds.

I really felt like I was photographing past us. Also didn’t tell them this, but Leslie and Miguel were like Wil and Paige in every way, including our “how we met” story. Allegedly, Miguel messed up Leslie’s hair in school and then walked her to class. And Wil had a fascination with messing up my hair in high school. And the rest is history.

So high school girls, watch out. If boys are messing up your hair, you might just end up marrying them. Call us if you do!

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