Dapper Wedding at The Farmhouse

November 13, 2017

When we first met Mikey and Misty we fell in love with them. They were hilarious and kind. And they knew exactly what they wanted from a wedding photographer. We also couldn’t help noticing Mikey’s amazing pizza socks. Mikey and Misty had so much style that we weren’t surprised they had such a dapper wedding at The Farmhouse.

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Mikey and Misty met through Reddit. They messaged back and forth a few times and then met at Fitzgerald’s for a show. Afterwards, Mikey took Misty to Frank’s Pizza because she had never been there. She says she knew at the end of that night she knew she was going to marry him.

And so Mikey wore pizza socks in their wedding.

I’m obsessed with Mikey’s suit. I hate an ill fitting rented tux. But Mikey’s tailored suit from suit supply fit him great. And because he put the pieces together himself he was able to incorporate personal elements like his socks and bow tie.

groom details shoes pocket square bow tie groom getting dressed

Misty also looked great. Her Mikaella dress was classic without being boring. That really describes their wedding perfect. Classic. But not boring.

beautiful bride in mikaella dress

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One of my favorite moments from Mikey and Misty’s wedding was their private last dance. As all their guests gathered outside lighting sparklers for their send off, Mikey and Misty danced alone one last time in the reception hall.

Sometimes it’s easy for me to forget what a privilege it is for me to have the job I have. But as Mikey and Misty held each other in an empty room I realized I was the ONLY one witnessing it. And I have the duty and honor of preserving that moment for others to witness it. Sometimes I forgot how lucky I am, but there’s always something that reminds me.

bride and groom last dance bride and groom last dance sparkler exit at the farmhouse

If you’d love to have your own dapper wedding at The Farmhouse, contact us to check our availability!

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