Matthew and Amber’s College Station Engagement Pictures

March 26, 2016

We always encourage people to have their engagement session in a place that has meaning, not just a pretty park.┬áSometimes people think of something, sometimes they don’t.┬áBut Matthew and Amber didn’t need any encouragement. They didn’t want park engagement pictures or beach engagement pictures. They had already decided before they wanted College Station engagement pictures.

Matthew and Amber’s first date was to a Texas A&M Football game. While they were dating he’d regular visit her in College Station and they’d go out to Northgate and bottle cap alley.

After another football game, Matthew took Amber to the Century Tree and asked her to marry him. Good thing too, because the tradition is that if you walk under it together you’ll be together forever.

College Station is the birthplace of their relationship. And we’re so happy for it, because Matthew and Amber are fantastic.
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