Bridals at Cotton Gin No 116

January 3, 2022

Photographers are kind of obsessed with light. We think about it a lot. And its for that reason that Cotton Gin No. 116 is one of our favorite venues in Houston.

We love for our photos to be warm and bright and contrasty, because we think weddings should and everything around them are a cause for joy. The warm wood inside the Cotton Gin and the warm sunlight outside just make these bridal portraits so bright and happy.

Elizabeth also helps these photos to feel happy. Her personality is joyful and contagious. She is an absolutely joy to be around. She laughed and smiled throughout her entire bridal session. It rained on her and Dustin’s wedding day and she never fretted at all (at least that we saw). We’re so thrilled to have been able to create these sunny, warm, joyful bridal portraits for her to look back on.

enjoy every moment of your wedding KNOWING THAT EVERYTHING IS TAKEN CARE OF

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