Anniversary Pictures in The Heights | Brian and Kaylee

March 15, 2017

Last December, we photographed Brian and Kaylee’s Morgan Fall’s Wedding. We love Brian and Kaylee and built such a great relationship during their engagement session, Kaylee’s Bridals, their wedding, and hanging out with them since then. So we were thrilled to have the chance to capture these anniversary photos for them. The first year of marriage is a big one and your first home as a married couple is one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. We thought their home would be the most meaningful location, which is why we chose to go to them and take their anniversary pictures in The Heights.

They live an old neighborhood with so much character we were able to take all of their anniversary pictures in the Heights and didn’t need to go anywhere else in Houston. We didn’t even need to  leave their street.

It’s no surprise that we had a great time with Brian and Kaylee again. And it’s no surprise that that Brian and Kaylee are incredibly photogenic, comfortable in front of a camera, and totally in love.

anniversary pictures in the heights couple in front of their houston heights homecouple walking in the heights couple in the houston heights

After walking around their street we headed up to their apartment. When we saw the light coming in through this window we knew we had to photograph them here. I love thinking about all the love and excitement that’s happened just on the other side of that door in their first year.couple in their home

One of my favorite things to do is have couples whisper in each other’s ear. Sometimes we ask them to say something sweet, share an inside joke, or say something wildly inappropriate. But the reaction it gets is always so much more real than anything we could ever have manufactured. couple in there home couple cuddling in their home couple on street couple walking on street

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